Leah Norwood

Leah Norwood is a Los Angeles County-based Documentary Photography and Creative/ Politically Analytical Writer

She is currently studying at Long Beach City College and California State University of Northridge for her Psychology B.A, Africana Studies Minor and Art Minor. 

Leah was born in Harbor City, CA and raised in between Long Beach and the Bay Area. Leah has always been a observer with and without the camera.  Once developing an interests in photography at the age of 14, Leah began making her own photography zines and selling them to pay for film and processing. Leah has always had a business mind set, while starting her first online pin and t shirt shop at the age of 13. Leah is a self driven and motivated individual who chooses art as a way to express ones self through the images of others.    

Leah has 6-7 years of digital/analog photography experience and has  self-published several photography zines, taught photo classes, as well as having work displayed in several public showings. 

Leah has worked with Ilford Photo Company publishing a photojournalistic project titled: Nagi Says and is also being given the opportunity to work with The New York Times as a Portrait Photographer in the next few months to come. 

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